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Directory Integrator is so rich in features that with a few clicks, you can create a very complex platform for manipulating data across multiple systems, However, understanding the steps to take is not intuitive and can create barriers to efficient development.

Real World Directory Integrator is the source for unlocking the knowledge that you need to eliminate those barriers and to produce effective solutions. A subscription to Real World Directory Integrator offers you access to:

  • Practical solutions to enable your IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator infratructure work smoothly and securely
  • Core concepts of how to successfully architect an infrastructure to meet the needs of the modern enterprise
  • Best practices for logging, capturing passwords, high availability (HA), administration, and more
  • How-to guides for managing security, day-to-day operations, and troubleshooting
  • Insights into the numerous Directory Integrator components
  • Dynamic web site updated frequently with real world scenarios

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Tivoli is a registered trademark of IBM. For more information on IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator, go to www.ibm.com

  • Integrating with RACF & z/OS LDAP

  • Taking Advantage of Certificates
  • Building a File Search Connector

  • AMC 2.0
  • Securing your config
  • Logging with Log4J
  • Architecting for HA
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